Friends of The Village – December 2021


Dwight “Doc” Gooden

Former Mets and Yankees pitcher and overall sports icon, Dwight Gooden, stopped by The Village recently for an intimate Q+A with Village ambassador Gary Dell’Abate and to meet with fans at The Wheel. Click below to read his answers to some of our burning questions!

Where did the nickname “Doc” come from?

Family friend of my father’s, who was a real life doctor, gave me my famous nickname “Doc” early on in life.

What was it like making your MLB debut at only 19 years old?

A total dream come true for both of my parents at the time.

Which hitter did you fear most during your career as a pitcher?

Always had problems facing Chili Davis at the plate.

Who was your baseball hero growing up? Do you have a favorite player now?

Pete Rose and Nolan Ryan were my all-time favorite players. Jacob deGrom is my favorite player now.

What advice can you give to young athletes?
To follow your goals and stay around positive people, as well as speak to people when necessary if you have any problems to discuss.

What career path would you have taken if you hadn’t been a professional baseball player?

I had interest in the medical field or being part of a family friend’s construction business.

Having been to The Village and knowing that one of the biggest goals is to have community impact (including the “Dream Big” mural) what would be your advice to aspiring athletes?

Always root for your teammates at all times, which is similar to businesses in corporate America.

What is your favorite thing about The Village?

I had a great time meeting so many kind people in a great atmosphere at The Village in Stamford.

Favorite sport other than baseball?
I really love football and the New York Giants.
Ultimate comfort food?
Buffalo wings and pizza.
If you formed your own baseball team, what would the team name be?
New York Privilege
Favorite holiday?