Friends of The Village – February 2022


Shannon Doherty, TikTok influencer with the best Super Simple Life Hacks and CT local stopped by The Village recently to answer some of our questions about her success as a social media public figure along with her goals and aspirations for 2022! 

  • You’ve amassed over 1m followers across your social platforms – so tell us where did it all begin?

It all began in our kitchen! During quarantine, we started posting TikTok’s as a family in our house. We quickly realized we were building an amazing community and connecting with so many other parents on the platform!

  • How did you come up with ideas for content – where do you get inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from our daily life! As a Mom of four, Wife and Entrepreneur I am always running around and trying to find simple ways to make life easier and fun for my family. Every day you are getting a peak into what is really going on in our home! My inspiration comes from moments with my family growing up, traditions and memories we are creating now! I am also inspired daily by all the other amazing creators on the platforms!

  • How do you balance life as an influencer, business owner of the clothing store Coco & Lala, and being a Mom of four?

Balance is key when you are a parent. I think the way I am able to manage life as a Mom and Business owner is setting realistic expectations for myself! I know in life, as long as you try that is all that matters! Your family does not need you to be perfect at anything, they just love the fact that you continue to show up and try! I do not put pressure on myself to be the best at anything, I just try my hardest and always put my family first.

  • What are your top 3 favorite hacks of all time? The brilliant stay healthy station you showcased on Good Morning America has to be one of them!

YES! The Stay Healthy Station has always been one of my all time favorites! I love the grocery store hack of pushing the front of the carriage open so my family can climb through. I also love my recent hack for making a heart shaped cake! So fun and easy!

  • What’s ahead for you in 2022 – any fun content you can give us a sneak peek at?

We are very excited for 2022! Our goal is to continue building a community that is based around positivity and inspiring everyone to celebrate every single day! You will be seeing a lot of our SUPER SIMPLE Hacks, Recipes, DIY and more that make your life easy and fun! We do have a lot of fun collaborations planned for 2022 and stay tuned for our Summer Series!

  • What is your favorite part about The Village?

I love that The Village is a local place to connect with so many like minded entrepreneurs and businesses. The entire vibe when you walk in, from art work to local brands highlighted is that of vision and progress which I LOVE! It inspires me just walking through the doors!

Rapid Fire:

  • Favorite meal?: Blueberry Muffins and Ice Cream for Breakfast.
  • Favorite activity to do with your kids?: Dancing!
  • Favorite vacation getaway?: Watch Hill, Rhode Island.
  • Favorite show you’re watching now? YELLOWSTONE on repeat.