Friends of The Village – September 2021


Hannah Storm

Bristol, CT – November 9, 2020 – Studio X: Hannah Storm on the set of SportsCenter. (Photo by Kelly Backus / ESPN Images)

Get to know powerhouse sportscaster and friend of The Village, Hannah Storm, ahead of her foundation’s annual Celebrity Waiter Night Cocktail Party. This year’s Celebrity Waiter Night is being hosted at the Village on September 28th!

What is your favorite sport to commentate or report on?

I grew up around pro basketball because that was my Dad’s business, so I’ve been going to games as long as I can remember. I love football, having gone to Notre Dame, and following that sport as well since I was young. The Olympics are really special because they only happen once every couple of years with all sorts of sports you normally don’t get to cover. My favorite postseason event is the World Series – I love how tight the schedule is and the game-to-game adjustments with different pitchers and ballparks. 

If you were a professional athlete, which sport would you play?

My best sport was track and field, specifically high jumping, but after watching the Olympics, once again it’s confirmed THAT would never happen! Honestly, I think I would be a professional mascot. I did that in high school and was pretty awesome doing cartwheels in my Wildcat costume! I’m confident that would’ve been my only pro shot.

What helps you manage stress and stay grounded?

I love to be in the kitchen and create things. I love to entertain and cook with and for people. I have a cocktail. Laugh with my friends. Go to dinner with my husband. Work out. Hang with my dog.  I read every night. I should probably meditate more!

What is your exercise routine?

I work out five to six days per week (as much as possible) remotely with my trainer. I need someone to tell me what to do! We do weights, Pilates-based exercises, etc. I’m not crazy about cardio but I dutifully get on my elliptical or go for a swim when the weather is good! I’m NOT into Peloton (ha!) but my husband is addicted! 

What is something about you that would surprise people?

I began my broadcasting career as a heavy metal DJ in Corpus Christi, Texas! I wanted to do sportscasting right away but there were almost no women doing it at the time and I got a ton of rejection letters, even though I had great experience coming out of Notre Dame. In an effort to get on the air (and be employed) I turned to my second biggest love – music. That’s also where I got my on-air last name – Storm!

What was the most iconic moment you were a part of or called?

Michael Jordan’s final shot of his Bulls career to beat the Jazz on the road and win the title at the buzzer! I covered his entire career and was there for all of his big moments, and consider that a privilege to have documented and witnessed firsthand such an iconic career. On a totally different end of the spectrum, I actually called the longest tennis match in history at Wimbledon between John Isner and Nicholas Mahut—it lasted three days! That was epic. Also for the first season of the WNBA, I did the play-by-play on an all-female team, which was historic! Now I’m in my fourth season calling Thursday Night Football for Amazon, which is also historic because it’s an all-female broadcast team – the first-ever in the NFL. We’ve done it four seasons in a row now, and I’m really proud of that sustainability because it’s never been done.

Who did you look up to as a sports caster growing up and now?

As a mentioned, there weren’t any women doing sports, so I really looked up to Jane Pauley because she was a morning show anchor who also got the do the Olympics. My goal became to do both of those things—which I did! 

Can you tell us more about the HSF Celebrity Fundraiser event in September?

It’s a celeb waiter cocktail night! All of my buddies from sports and entertainment come together and put on aprons and serve food and cocktails. It’s a blast! We raise money for the Hannah Storm Foundation which funds surgeries for children suffering from vascular anomalies, which result in serious and disfiguring birthmarks. Tickets can be purchased here!

Rapid Fire –

What would your last meal be?

Ice cream. Can that be a whole meal?

If you could go back in time, which decade would you want to re-live or experience for the first time?

The 50s! Fun music and poodle skirts. Being an ambitious female I might have been too far ahead of my time—just saying! 

Favorite snack or candy?

Riley’s Granola, of course!My daughter developed these awesome granola recipes over the pandemic and as Mike’s Organic can attest to, it’s awesome! Now that she’s gone back to college though it’s back to carrots and hummus for me.

Favorite place you’ve ever traveled to?

Two: Bali and Barcelona. Martha’s Vineyard is also my go-to trip every summer. 

Favorite piece of advice that you’ve received?

Be yourself.