It Takes a Village (Tom Dillon)


From The Desk Of…

Tom Dillon, CEO, APICII

Three years ago, I met Brent and Courtney Montgomery and heard their vision of a destination built around community, culture and industry with world class food and beverage in…wait for it…an old abandoned factory in Stamford, CT*-. As the shock subsided and I listened to their ideas, the thing I found most inspiring was less of the vision that Brent and Courtney had to create The Village, and more of the sense of collaboration they wanted to foster and their desire to have it come together organically. Over the next three years, our team at APICII has had the opportunity to work with so many great people and watch The Village come to life. That being said, it was a very difficult time to open a restaurant of this scale. Between the threatened second coming of COVID and difficulty in the labor force, there was a time we thought we would only have enough people to man Captain John’s six-seat tiki boat! We were fortunate to be able to open this past summer and have welcomed so many people in the community to the Cisco patio and The Wheel.  As we head into the fall, we are hitting our stride. All of our unique event spaces are ready, a NOLA-style jazz brunch on Sundays just kicked off, Mike Geller (The Village’s Chief Food Curator) has lined up some great autumn produce for our chefs to launch our fall menu and as we give a proper send off to the Cisco patio this month, we are looking forward to taking the vibe inside with live music at The Wheel. My favorite quote is “life is about the people you meet and the things you create together” – The Village has been the truest expression of this, and we all look forward to you joining us and being part of The Village.